PhillipCapital UK Partnerships

Institutional, Corporate and Fund clients can structure accounts in a way that best supports their business, including multiple sub-accounts, margin off-set and full segregation of funds.


PhillipCapital UK partners with four of the industry’s leading software firms; CQG, MetaTrader, POEMS and TT, to provide clients with extensive market access and a full range of functionality. Easily installed and easy to use click for more information on each of our partner platforms

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PhillipCapital UK can offer a robust and secure FIX API connection for active traders and liquidity providers, allowing clients to utilise our global market connectivity and access our deep liquidity pools in FX and CFD trading.

White Labelled Risk

PhillipCapital UK can deploy to clients a multi-asset, multi-currency and multi-market real-time risk management system supporting more than 80 risk variables such as: Fat Finger Checks, Position Limits, P&L, Balances and Margins, Exposures and Greeks. The flexible portfolio/account structure allows clients to aggregate information and monitor their risk in real-time across trading platforms, asset classes, markets, and currencies.

Introducing Brokers

PhillipCapital UK works with Introducing Brokers who are looking to deliver a high touch & technology driven offering to their client base. We aim to build long lasting relationships that benefit both the client and the Introducing Broker. PhillipCapital UK is a member of a global group of companies that includes one of Asia’s biggest brokers and supports a million plus clients worldwide.